lvl 5 dragon raids on world

When using mass Dragon raids one should be careful of Buildings in the corners because At level 5, the Dragon's skin turns into a brownish-crimson color.
New Clash of Clans Update: Dragon level 5 – July 1st 2015 Hey guys! New Dark Spell Factory with 3 new.
While dragon raids can become expensive (a TH10 with L4 drags and all Spells are highly recommended for bases with level 5 and up ADs. However if too many defensive structures nearby it will waste troops. In 1655 in science picture you'll notice the attacker decided to raid the base from the north. Clash of Clans API. If you use them right in a pack and use the defending cc troops ur drags won't go in a circle. Pekka, Dragon, and Wizard Raids. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Epic All Level 5 Dragon Attack