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Commentary, Luke 5: 1 -11, Arland J. Hultgren, Preaching This Week, the task is similar, the words are different from the call stories in Matthew and Mark.".
three major segments in Matthew in which the 5 discourses take place. The second discourse relates to Mark as well as Luke 9: 1.
Summary: The call of the Apostles, unlikely men, to do the extraordinary job of fishing for men, and give their lives for the sake of the Gospel. Scripture: Luke 5: 1 -. Matthew 5:1-12 Sermon on the Mount Gospel for 2015-11-01

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Barnes' Notes on the Bible The people pressed upon his - Multitudes came to hear. A true fisherman is one who will persist at his task for hours, on the mere possibility of making a great catch. The disciples were not to leave Jerusalem until Jesus had come to be with His church through His Spirit, which commenced at Pentecost, and continues to this day. Jesus in comparative mythology. It would seem that the first occupation had prepared them for the second. Christ to help you gather fish and trusting Christ to help you. The Lord Jesus knew of the inner turmoil which Peter and his partners were dealing with, better than they did.