farkle rules 5 of a kind beats pill

Farkle is a simple dice game that has captured the attention and board-game- time of odds-hounds everywhere. Five of a Kind = points Missing: pill.
If someone beats his or her score then that new player wins the game. Questions . You can only get a straight on the first roll as there are 6 dice required for a straight. . I've been playing farkle on my tablet and sometimes get a -500 points.
If a player draws one card, he or she may be drawing for a straight or a flush, or may already have a good hand, so watch out! If a player does . Finishing the bonus round with or more points wins the game. To play .. pill to swallow.

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If I throw a straight on my initial roll no points on the board yet , do I continue rolling to get additional. While the standard rules described above are widely used, even they are not universal. This may give you a better chance of rolling a three of a kind. Each player rolls one die, with the highest roll going first. To assess the impact of scoring variations, the following table shows the average score on the initial throw of six dice, assuming that all scoring dice are banked and ignoring any additional scores that would be made on a re-roll of hot dice.
farkle rules 5 of a kind beats pill