fable 3 holding hands slow

For Fable III on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Forced Whenever my character is holding hands with somebody (don't know if it's just women), the game forces me to walk at an incredibly slow pace.
I just beat Fable 3, one of my most anticipated games of the year, and much to my when the camera zooms in to show an enemy you're killing in slow motion. . through a dangerous cave by the hand, only our hands don't actually touch 80% AND STOP MAKING ME HOLD DOWN A TO OPEN DOORS.
Congrats me and fuck you to all the poeple who said i couldnt get girls!. There is nothing interesting fable 3 holding hands slow do and your awesome weapon is for nothing, your mansion is for. All this feels like is something slapped together quickly to make a quick buck on the fable. I am literally now given the option to be an angel good king or devil evil king, with wings to match by deciding how to rule the kingdom. I accidently drained the lake too and realised there was no going back! First you have to enter the sanctuary, then head to the room with the shop and the various windows where you can view stats.

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Fable 3 holding hands slow Let me run you through the process. However, definitely a fault. Totally agree with the review. Shadows are in options, and instructions to disable blur can be found in THIS thread. Every game has its downsides, especially games the size of Fable. Downloading the DLC half way through a game can cause some weird memory leak errors see PROBLEMS and CRASHES during and after the final raccontidiviaggi.info some strange reason.
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Fable 3 holding hands slow - contest girl

I still wonder what happened to the handshake expression. Not great, but I felt the money spent was worth the time playing, if you did try to get all the side quests. The main quest is far too short, and far too unimaginative. AND when i followed the golden trail, it led to the rebel HQ entrance. I am enjoying the game however short the story is. I have to SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY walk, and it's getting really annoying...
fable 3 holding hands slow