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Representing the vice of sloth, he has become a figure of death, a sore-ridden emaciated corpse, the skin so shrunken upon the face that it hardly remains more.
None of the sexual imagery in Alien is unintentional. For example, in the picture above the human crew members are "invading" the alien ship.
Zines Alien Sloth Sex zine, Chelsea Novak and Jordan Abel, issue 5, # 204 102 St, | Article from Broken Pencil July 1.

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The study could help scientists understand how to protect other species threatened with habitat fragmentation. Again, it's no accident that the newborn looks like a penis that's "erected" its way out of a man's chest. And not just the one Joss Whedon wrote. Click here to go to our new home at BBC Earth. Which, you may notice, is the word-for-word agenda of a violent rapist. Or least that's how sitcoms look from our end. A third of male Hoffman's two-toed sloths successfully sired offspring with more than one female. We've moved to BBC Earth. Complete with morning sickness. And they're going to pay me money to do it.