7 card stud winning hands

Seven - card stud, also known as Seven-Toed Pete or Down-The-River is a variant of stud poker. Upon showdown, each player makes the best five-card poker hand he can out of the seven cards he was dealt. Seven cards to 10♥ 10♢ A♢. She can play making an ace-high straight, and so Carol wins the pot.
Enthusiasts of stud poker may also enjoy playing 7 Card No Peek. Both games deal seven cards to players, who attempt to build a five- card winning poker hand.
To identify the best starting hands for Seven Card Stud Poker, players must first players must determine if the cards they require to create a winning hand are. $2/$4 Stud Session Part 1

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7 card stud winning hands 139
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7 card stud winning hands