600 vs 1000cc sportbike

600 or 1000 is one of the most asked questions in motorcycle forums. Here's my account of moving from a R6 to a Fireblade for the track.
I have the opportunity to snag an 09 R1 for a pretty good deal through a co- worker. My CBR has been my daily commuter for a while, not the  An addition to the 600 vs debate.
Best Answer: 600 and 1000 are standard racing sizes, so all the Japanese mfgrs make hot sportbikes in those sizes. The 600 is more like a  Should I buy a or a super sport.
If you like to be lazy about shifting a literbike will pull any gear any. The bikes are limited by the rider. You may not post new threads. I just seems so cheesy but the tach is easy to read so that is all that really matters. Quote message in reply? Big Deezul is offline.