52 BC

History Map of Gaul - 1st Century BC; illustrating the Gallic Revolt Through Gergovia 53- 52 BC, the Siege of Bourges 53 BC, Vercingetorix.
Scene from the movie Vercingétorix The Battle of Alesia or Siege of Alesia took place in September, 52.
96 BC, The last Ptolemy ruler of Cyrenacia dies, and it is willed over to Rome. . 52 BC, Caesar builds two sets of fortifications 42 miles and lays Siege to Alesia. Subscribe to our Newsletter. The relief force probably suffered heavy losses, like many other armies who lost battle order and retreated under the weapons of the Roman cavalry. Verres on behalf of. Civil War between Caesar and the Republican forces of Pompey. Labienus defeats an army of Gauls alchemy on line the command of Camulogenus. 52 BC attack was repelled.

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Dictionary A - F. He also had the command of four legions. Revolutions F - G. This Julian calendar is the basis of the modern calendar. Since it was difficult to find them in the forest and the marshes where they hid, he got the Gallic tribes in the region to do this. AMERICA MAPS: A - D.

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He was later executed as a warning to Gaul. Lutatius Catulus at a battle near the Quirinal hill at Rome. Cornelius Sulla and Mithridates. Estimated date of the birth of Jesus Christ. Caesar defeats two immigrating German tribes, the Usipetes and Tencteri,. On hearing of the retreat of their comrades they returned to the town. 52 BC