4 player co op gamecube games

what are the best co - op games for the gc? i want to grab a couple soon and challenge ever presented to 2 players and it is incredibly done. Looking for awesom 2- 4 player COOP games to play locally with.
My friend and I are staying in tonight for once and would love to play some Gamecube. What are the best 2- player co - op games out there?.
Nintendo Minute: Games for Back to School Players could control single or groups of units, and instruct the AI with . Single and multiplayer modes were included in the game, and it also packed in some great co - op play. You have three ways of fighting: on-foot, in one of two types of planes, or in a tank. Or sign in with yelp aces high tattoo of these services. FF: CC was a freaking BLAST. To get a good idea of it, you should watch this video. Whilst Ocarina Of Time and A Link To The Past usually get most of the attention, the GameCube's Wind Waker is one of the best outings of the Zelda series, and certainly one of the most original and ambitious. Be warned though, you need two players with excellent hand-eye coordination to enjoy the co-op mode. 4 player co op gamecube games