4 player arcade cabinet

I would like to build my first arcade machine, but I want it to be a 4 only need more than 4 buttons on if you're planning on four player.
The 4 Player 32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Cabinet is a modern style arcade gaming cabinet in a retro shell that makes 4 player gaming now more affordable.
This will show you how I constructed my 4 player MAME pedestal cabinet. This houses a standard windows PC to run the MAME arcade emulator, and outputs. 4 player arcade cabinet
DIY Mame Cabinet Once you are happy with it, cut it out using your circular. Repeat the last step for the other side, attach it with glue and screws. I used a hole saw for this, i beleive. We do not feel we need to force any games on our customers that they may not want nor may never play and therefore inflate the overall 4 player arcade cabinet cost. But what I did was I had Home Depot add black coloring directly into the primer. For Advanced Users Only Although it is not at all necessary, the board is designed to be. TalkingOctopus on AOL IM .