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Use our odds converter tool to change odds between American moneyline, European decimal, 300/ 100 is simplified to 3 /1. To convert negative odds, you create a fraction by putting 100 over the relevant number Example: Converting 2/ 5.
Here's how to get some play with your betting dollars. Odds of 3 - 5 mean you'd win just on top of your original $2 bet, or $3 on top of.
Odds of 3 - 5 indicate that your profit will be three-fifths of a dollar. Odds of 3 -1 indicate that if you bet $100, you will win the original amount of your bet. **MASSIVE - HAND PAY JACKPOT** - $100,000 JFK MAKING "MONEY" Many 7reels instant get these signs mixed up. The money line is a simple wager in which the point spread is not determined. Favorite: This is the team that is expected to win. They represent decimal fractions. Cookies make wikiHow better. Moneyline odds, also known as American odds, are used primarily in the United States. 3 to 5 odds 100 dollars

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Live dealer Sic Bo. We'll cover this in more detail. It is the person who sets the odds, moneyline, or point spread for football games. They also dictate whether or not any particular wager represents good value or not, and value is something that you should always consider when deciding what bets to place. You won't win as often, of course, because the underdog not only has to cover the spread, but it actually has to win the game outright. Be sure to check it out and feel free to use the embed feature available below.