1980 in Poland

Douglas J. MacEachin. Summary. Cover: US Intelligence and the Polish Crisis In mid-November US Secretary of State Alexander Haig.
The history of Poland from 1945 to 1989 spans the period of Soviet communist dominance In early August 1980, a new wave of strikes resulted in the founding of the independent trade union "Solidarity" (Polish Solidarność) led by electrician  ‎ Creation of the Polish People · ‎ Stalinist era.
Files On-line. Documents Related to Events in Poland (1980 - Note from the NATO Archivist; Item Description.

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The Office of the Council of Ministers government produced a list of regime-approved bishops. The Soviet leadership expresses its concerns with the consequences of the agreements on the role of the Party in Polish society. Removal of Hungary's border fence with Austria. Sound Smart: The House Un-American Activities Committee. POWs would be freed by North Vietnam within three months. The government control over art and artists deepened. Drawn History: What is Domino Theory?