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Welcome to Alaska's Department of Revenue. The Alaska Gaming Reform Act (Act) found at Title 5 Chapter 15 of the Alaska Raffle/Lottery; Bingo; Pull - Tabs. Missing: radicals.
When a distributor sells a pull tab game, they remit a 3% tax to the Division. These individuals must pass a test on the Charitable Gaming statute and regulations. . To report illegal gambling, contact the Alaska State Troopers or your localĀ  Missing: radicals.
State of Alaska recently has taken the position that Alaska tribes lack. 1. To its credit .. The Oliphant decision marked a radical departure in federal Indian application of Alaska's fish trap laws to Native communities, the United Indian Gaming and includes bingo, pull - tabs, and certain. state of alaska pull tabs rules for radicals You cannot simply remove the game from sale. To qualify as an affirmative defense, the gambling activity must take place in a personal residence and there can be no house cut or income from the operation of the game. Once a prospective member in charge has passed the test, there is no requirement to retest. Can we delay a raffle drawing? Congressional budget-cutters argue that Indians should share the burden of balancing the federal budget, but Indian advocates say aid programs for Indians are cited - and protected - in scores of treaties between tribes and the federal government. Pull-tab Distributors are for-profit businesses that sell pull-tabs to Permittees and Operators from a location s within the State of Alaska. What limits are there for using net proceeds from gaming?

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American Indians have the highest unemployment, poverty and disease rates of any ethnic group in the country. I want to report missing money in our gaming operation. What limits are there for using net proceeds from gaming? There is no additional fee. Do we need a permit to give door prizes at a dinner or other function? Many tribes see the key to their survival in economic development fueled by revenues from gambling. Social Services and Disabilities.