Lucifer (Stuck)

Franz Von Stuck was a German artist whose paintings were actually mentioned by Carl Jung and having seen them I can understand why.
Lucifer is a painting by the German artist Franz von Stuck, one of the founders of the Munich Secession, from The painting belongs to Stuck's "dark.
The years since then have done nothing to diminish the power of Franz von Stuck's “ Lucifer.” This ominous oil-on-canvas from 1890 is.
Von Stuck is a full-blooded symbolist weirdo. Artworks protected by copyright are supposed to be used only for contemplation. Please check here copyright length according to your country's legislation Lucifer (Stuck) you consider reproducing images borrowed from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Modern Slavery Act Statement. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to.

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Franz von Stuck and Classical Antiquity. The collection included a large number of works by artists of the Munich School. It is now held at the Bulgarian National Gallery in Sofia. Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why Is My Gay Son Hooking Up With a Girl? Film with Robert Horton, film critic. Despite the intensity of his eyes, he isn't a monster. The exhibition is curated by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and is funded by the Frye Foundation with the generous support of Frye Art Museum members and donors. Lucifer (Stuck)