explain 3 to 2 odds

Ex. If I successfully bet $15 on a horse with 3 /5 odds of winning, the payout would 2. Know that positive odds indicate how much profit you win per $100 spent.
Odds with $2 Minimum Payoff for Horse Racing Following is a list of payoffs at various odds for quick reference: 3 / 2, 6/1.
Odds are a numerical expression, usually expressed as a pair of numbers, used in both . For example, " odds of a weekend are 2 to 5", while "chances of a weekend are 2 in 7". . They are thus specified by three points (sharply 3 - transitive). But in case you do stumble. This doesn't happen often anymore because. After you see that the. But it is important to. We just created the best Google Chrome extension on the market for latest news headlines.
How to Make a Free Odds Bet in Craps