Eric Harroun

Eric Harroun, the US Army vet who went to Syria to fight with the Free Syrian Army died Tuesday, according to his family. Harroun, 31, was.
Eric Harroun, 31, was declared dead at his father's home in Phoenix, Arizona. His cause of death was not immediately known, with an autopsy.
The Eric Harroun I knew wanted to fight for justice in Syria, but went into combat alongside Al Qaeda. The United States jailed him as a.

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His fictions were beginning to catch up with him. In the chaos of the retreat, he jumped on the back of the wrong pickup. But Harroun had made up his mind. In an earlier entry, I discussed How to Sleep in the Airport. When the class ended, Ann went to the parking garage, where Sarah was waiting for her. Wayne did not respond, at least not Eric Harroun e-mail. The group he Eric Harroun initially joined, the F. He was now a felon, living with his parents in Phoenix, unable to do what he wanted to do most — return to Syria and continue fighting. Eric signed the plea agreement. The fighters ditched their trucks in a forest, sneaked the rest of the way on foot, and opened fire. It started when he was laid off from his job as an airline baggage handler. American Terrorist Eric Harroun in Syria Was Working For CIA, Says Father