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We're demanding action for better labelling from our retailers - support the compulsory labelling can also help to raise standards of farm animal welfare – eggs.
What exactly do these labels mean, especially in terms of animal welfare? that support their animal production claims in order to receive approval for this label.
The RSPCA believes that consumers would benefit from the provision of full and accurate information about the welfare of the animals (from.
Report launching Animal Welfare Labelling on animal welfare labelling. Please add your voice today and call for a simple change in the law. Products that merely conform to minimum legal standards should not carry a label that implies good welfare. Reward and Tip Lines. Compassion in World Farming CIWF sees labelling as an important supporting mechanism to legislative and market reform on farm animal welfare. The following article which further addresses this issue is produced by CIWF, one of the leading non-government organisations who focus on the issue of farm animal welfare. Animal Welfare Labelling

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Animal Welfare Labelling is a generic term which stands for schemes put in place to provide consumer information on welfare standards applied in the production of food of animal origin. The label should not mislead consumers into thinking that products derived from industrial farming have acceptable welfare standards. Though the use of hormones and antibiotics is prohibited, painful surgical procedures without any pain relief are permitted. Animal welfare statements essentially carry the message that the way farm animals have been reared, transported and slaughtered exceeds the animal welfare standards required by law. Hormone and non-therapeutic antibiotic use is prohibited. What are the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme standards for meat chickens? Please enter a valid mobile number. The SPCA Certified Program