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Check out five of the most quality Android action games that released in The games we chose for this new list includes airborne gunning, It's pretty easy to enjoy the explosive trials of such an activity in Gunship Strike 3D.
The action game genre is such broad category, we had to make sure that this list covered as many bases as possible. If you don't get disheartened by that, Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best gaming experiences on Android.
To help you in your gaming journey, we have put together our list of the Top 20 Action Adventure Games for Android that we have come across.
All the elements of the original game are present in this mobile version that runs very nicely on a smartphone. You should give Shooty Skies a go. If you're more interested in multiplayer, Modern Combat has got you covered there as. Get your grind on with the best RPGs for mobile. Tap the screen, use power-ups and weird weapons, destroy zombies. It's a really good game and one of the few good racing games with no in-app purchases.

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This endless side scroller features smooth gameplay and simple controls: tap to jump, tap and hold to do a backflip. It's from the people who made Crossy Road. An unusual, highly addictive game. Battle your way through a variety of stages as you level up and unlock new characters in this epic quest. The Walking Dead provides the basis for another Android game, as well as more evidence that franchises thrive as well as zombies on the post-apocalyptic earth. Its called a Zombie Dead City ,find it on googleplay. Top 20 Open World Games Android 2016 HD High Graphics