all star classic rods reviews

I broke an All Star rod yesterday and thought no big deal, I'll just return it at Academy. Well when I went to return it today I was told that as of Jan.
I love it, but I don't use it anywhere near as often as my $90 Team All Star or my $70 .. ORIGINAL Classic All Star rods.. dollar for dollar the FINEST ROD EVER.
I am considering buying a All Star Topwater rod. If given the choice of buyin one of the old original classic series rods from Simmons Sporting  All Star Rods Yea? Or Nea?. 2016 Light Tackle Saltwater Rod & Reel Selection Get our latest hunting and fishing info right in your inbox. Buy it back and let me buy some rods with real feel. With companies out there such as TFO, I personally will not ever purchase another "NEW" Allstar. Terms of Service. Woody's Cyber Tradin' Blanket. ORIGINAL Classic All Star rods. Send a private message to GONoob. all star classic rods reviews