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Alexander the Great The ancient kingdom of northern Greece was called Macedonia. This powerful empire was ruled by Alexander's father, King Philip II. In.
Alexander The Great facts that will astound you. the life of arguably the most influential ruler in history, here is a list of top 10 facts about Alexander the Great.
Macedonian king Alexander the Great B.C.) was born to parents King Philip II and Queen Olympia. After the death of his father, Alexander garnered the support of the Macedonian Army and eliminated his enemies to become king and leader of the Corinthian League.

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With a crowd of Macedonians and locals around, he frustratingly toiled around with the complex knot. Realizing that the best way to maintain control of the Persians was to act like one, Alexander began to wear the striped tunic, girdle and diadem of Persian royal dress—to the dismay of cultural purists back in Macedonia. The Senate protested any suggestion of changing the feudal system. By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor.. The toughest opposition actually came from a Greek mercenary force fighting for Darius. Get a weekly digest of facts by e-mail. This delighted Olympias, for her family claimed..
alexander the great facts history Alexander returned to Persia, this time as the ruler of a kingdom that stretched from the Balkans to Egypt to modern day Pakistan. But the ruler who is arguably the most famous secular figure in history was little admired in his own lifetime. Golden Gate Bridge Facts. Copyright The Columbia University Press. Two alexander the great facts history later, Bettye passed away as. Alexander bided 1643 in music time, he scouted the area, built up a fleet of ships and lulled Porus into a false sense of security, having his men make it appear that they were going to cross the river so many times that eventually Porus got tired of responding and just ignored the noise they .