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Plus, it's one of the few clubs in town offering a rock short-sets with its Monday night “8 off 8th” series, and live - band karaoke. (“ Ace of Spades,” anyone?).
- The Entertainment Band brings you Live Band Karaoke. Stand on stage and be backed by some of Nashville's best musicians while you sing your.
LIVE Band Karaoke - October 26, ACE @ UAHuntsville October 2016 Live Band Karaoke Nashville Highlights! - Duration.

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Contact The Entertainment - Live Band Karaoke. Sorry, Glen Casada, Protesters Didn't Vandalize Anything. You can train your eyes on the same flickering images as the faraway folks you love, and feel a connection—both to home and to the diaspora of fans who also made sure to get there a little bit early. Two more men walk through the door, one wearing a blue blazer and button-down shirt, the other removing a Bluetooth from his ear. While everyone who takes the stage to sing may not be a rock star, per se, plenty of people take it plenty seriously—at least seriously enough to add a layer of intrigue to the proceedings. Pith in the Wind. Also the drinks are reasonably priced compared to other bars in the area.

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Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content About. Please use your browser's BACK button to return to the previous page. Orchids and Onions Architecture Awards. There is also a super secret shot song, and whoever requests to sing it will automatically receive a drink on the band's tab Hint: the band's name starts with "B". FEARLESS BOOKING On any given night, you might catch a DJ dance party, a hot indie-rock buzz band like Ratatat, seminal reggae act Toots and the Maytals, or a sizzling Long Players set. Where the Grrrls Are. ace live band karaoke nashville
Hot Tin Roof Live Band Karaoke! Hillsboro Village cues it up for the snooker-loopy crowd. Ace live band karaoke nashville fact that he never quite broken through to stardom, except in his american roulette payout table England and parts of Europe, and in professional music circles, is more a result of bad timing and worse luck than any lack of talent or commitment on his. After your meal, climb the formidable stairs—once referred to in these pages as smelling like a YMCA locker room—make your way past the glassy-eyed sorority drones queuing up by the loo, grab a cue and chalk up. Two guys in a black Jeep Wrangler slowly drive by to check out the scene. Instead of singing by yourself for a grumpy, mic-hogging DJ you get to rock out on stage with an actual band! But karaoke is cathartic fun, and pulling out the stops to belt your favorite megahits serves an important bodily—as well as societal—function: making you feel awesome. There may not be a panel of judges, but there is certainly competition among performers.