613 commandments

613 is one of the most famous Jewish numbers, representing all the commandments of the Torah. How many can you name?.
Taryag Mitzvot: The 613 Commandments of Torah (with commentary).
The following is a breakdown of the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, given by God to the Jewish people. There are a number of debates as to which.

613 commandments - asher gold

To read the confession of tithes every fourth and seventh year. Do not teach or prophesy falsely in. To offer only animals which are at least eight days old. This list of the laws is in an easy to read format for quick reference and i'm certain I will use it many times and also will pass it on to others. Not to eat from that which was left over Lev.
613 commandments He must shave his head after bringing sacrifices upon completion of his Nazirite period Num. Not to destroy objects associated with His Name Deut. Do not decapitate a 613 commandments brought as a sin offering. Sound the shofar on The Feast of Trumpets. Do not put oil on the meal offering of a woman suspected of adultery. Three times a year keep a Feast to.