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Rochambeau Map Collection The collection consists of 40 manuscript and 26 printed maps, and a manuscript atlas, the originals of which are in the Library of.
1651 Nov 7, King Louis XIV of France (13) was declared of full age. 1743 In France Louis XV commissioned an elevator installed at Versailles to link his.
Carte particulière d'une partie de la Louisianne ou les fleuve et rivierres [i.e. rivières] onts etés relevé a l'estime & les routtes [i.e. routes] par terre relevé.

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Beumont, the Archbishop of Paris, ordered priests to refuse sacraments to Jansenists as part of Unigenitus, Louis ordered a law of silence on the matter. The following year, a counter-attack led by Ferdinand of Brunswick drove the French back into the Rhineland region of Germany, where they remained tied down for the rest of the war. He hoped they would be grateful, they were not. Due to strict curbs on the press. His reign was marked by the decline of the prestige of the monarchy and the deepening of the crisis that eventually led to the French Revolution. 1743 in France Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. He 1743 in France brief military duty in the Nine Years' War, leading an army to defend Alsace. Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain stood against Britain, Prussia. Main article: France in the Seven Years' War. Peter the Great d. Most of the plans are oriented with north to the top. South America was led by Charles-Marie de la Condamine.