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MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE BN-. 600, AND BN - 1200 POWER PLANTS. 2. Reactor. BN - 1200. Nominal thermal.
Main article: BN - 1200 reactor. The is a reactor project planned to reach the safety and efficiency goals of.
VVER 1200 Construction

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After completion of the economic evaluation a decision may be taken on the beginning of construction, Pershukov said. The company has retired IAS officer R C Sinha as a nonexecutive independent director, who is also the adviser to highways minister Nitin Gadkari. Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment MSRE. For the breeding reaction to be positive, producing more fuel that it uses, the neutrons released from the core should retain as much energy as they can. Share this: Email Print Pocket Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr WhatsApp LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Skype Like this: Like Loading... Samsung scion Jay Y. However, we believe that if such a unit has more functions than to generate electricity, then it becomes economically attractive. BN-1200 reactor