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downloading. We've rounded up 60 of the best Android games for your phone or tablet. Feel free to add your own top picks in the comments.
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Whale Trail Frenzy is an updated version of the iOS original, with the developer heaping in more levels for the Android release of its bonkers flying game. Posted from my Droid Turbo. In the last of those, matches smash a hole into the ground. Experience the most challenging game of avian destruction!. Minecraft - Pocket Edition for Android. Play Farm Heroes Saga and put your matching skills to the test!

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Only you can save the kingdom from the barbaric picts. Sry just joined hadn't played it yet. There are a lot of Android puzzle games that involve you sliding blocks about, but Imago is one of the best, even giving Threes! Sadly, we've had some cutbacks, which means our air force is now, er, you. Fight the Blackguard and liberate the island paradise!. Perchang is a great game for making you feel like a colossal idiot.