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This category is for U.S. military personnel of all branches or U.S. citizens serving in foreign militaries who scored 5 or more aerial victories in World War II.
Chen Ruitian Arthur Chin, (1st American Ace of WW2) 8.5 / 0 / 2.5 *. John Lawrence Banks, 8.5. Joseph Houston Bennett, 8.5. Jim Cain, James Bernice Cain, 8.5.
Based on victories reported, below is a top ten list of the United States fighter pilot aces from WWII. No doubt, they US had a number of.

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100th Operations Group 1725 in Wales
40 DIET Nishizawa, on the other hand, was credited with the Catalina as his first victory. Army Air Forces Segal, Harold E. Army Air Forces Woody, Robert E. Army Air Aces wwii King, David L. Christopher Magee fighter pilot. Army Air Forces Schiltz Jr. Retrieved from "

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Army Air Forces Molland, Leland P. Army Air Forces Minchew, Leslie D. Fighter aces in World War II had tremendously varying kill scores, affected as they were by many factors: the pilot's skill level, the performance of the airplane he flew and those he flew against, how long he served, his opportunity to meet the enemy in the air Allied to Axis disproportion , and the standards his air service brought to the awarding of victory credits. M Alam: world record holder". After establishing their routine by means of hand gestures and checking one more time for Allied fighters, the trio performed three tight loops in close formation. Army Air Forces Asbury, Richard W. Army Air Forces Quirk, Michael J. Marine Corps Ambort, Aces wwii J. Army Air Forces Stebbins, Edgar E. Army Air Forces Vogt, Jr. Army Air Forces Bonneau, William J. Army Air Forces Harris, Thomas S. aces wwii