A-42 Mixmaster

The Douglas XB- 42 Mixmaster was a twin-engined pusher aircraft that was one of the most advanced piston engined aircraft of the.
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Douglas XB- 42 Mixmaster là một loại máy bay ném bom thử nghiệm của Hoa 1 Tính năng kỹ chiến thuật 2 Xem thêm; 3 Tham khảo; 4 Liên kết ngoài. A-42 Mixmaster

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A-42 Mixmaster Modern Chinese Air Power. Written content, illustrations and photography is unique to this website unless where indicated and not for reuse in any form. Power from the inline engine arrangement was quite sound however - as fast as any A-42 Mixmaster two-engined mount seen in the war to this point. World War II was raging and the USAAF intended to bring a bombing campaign to the home islands of Japan. The lower vertical surface, below the fuselage, was about A-42 Mixmaster the size of the upper vertical free online slot games on facebook. London: Amber Books Ltd.
The Mixmaster design was well named and novel. Infantry Fighting Vehicles IFV. A hard landing A-42 Mixmaster testing damaged the tail unit enough to ground the aircraft for a time. Though repaired, the aircraft was no longer an interest to U. The exhaust stacks can be seen in many of the photos. Air intakes were in the wing leading edge. The tail was mounted in front of the propellers, and was almost cross-shaped, with two A-42 Mixmaster and two horizontal control surfaces.