54 BC

Their history is cloaked in mystery. The ancient Druids were members of the priestly class of the Celtic society that originated in Britain and migrated to what is.
96 BC, The last Ptolemy ruler of Cyrenacia dies, and it is willed over to Rome. . 54 BC, A. Gabinius is sent to Egypt to restore King Ptolemy Auletes to his throne.
If we are to believe Caesar's stated objective, then we must wonder at the sheer size of the force that he took to Britain in 54 BC. During the previous summer he.

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If, as is suspected, he hoped to create a Roman province in the south-east of. The tactic of laying waste to the land is traditionally used to force. Caesar claims he was negotiating from a position of strength and that the British leaders, blaming their attacks on him on the common people, were in only four days awed into giving hostages, some immediately, some as soon as they could be brought from inland, and disbanding their army. The Pompeian legates M. Caesar's War against the Gauls. Caesar continued to push. King Tigranes near Artaxata.
54 BC

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Octavian named Princeps Senatus. Trinovantes, a tribe in the south-east of Britain, referred to by Caesar as. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Birth of Cleopatra , queen of Egypt. Perhaps this fact owes more to their fighting spirit than the.