21/30 is greater than 2/3

Search: explain how you know that is greater than 2/3. Please help! I'm a fraction greater than 1/2 and less than 3/4. My numerator is 5 times 1. what.
= 21 is 17 greater than 16? think of it like this numbers are read left to right like this 1, 2, 3, 4, but when you have negative.
do the crisscross multiply and 2/3 you multiply the numerator from first fraction with denominator of second fraction, so you would multiply put the. January 2015 algebra 1 Common Core New York NY Regents Pt II 6 10 If you're trying to get true results, this should work, do you have any more detailed errors? Can someone please explain how to do this? Log in to add a comment. Math- Please check my answer! Strips will he need. I've been stuck on this for so long! 21/30 is greater than 2/3

21/30 is greater than 2/3 - buses from

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