Ant in a Glass Jar

I've been wanting to buy food storage containers just like these featured at any suggestions for a product with the same look but ant -resistant?.
Get two glass jars with lids. You'll need a large jar and a smaller one that just fits inside. The dirt and ants will be placed in the space between the small jar and.
Make an ant farm and give your child a no-cost educational pet. Place the smaller glass container that you have chosen inside the larger. Ant in a Glass Jar HOW TO MAKE TESTUBE SETUP! FOR QUEEN ANTS!

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Hi Jennifer…check out this article on feeding ants … it will help you a lot. Will a plastic jar work? This will attract other types of pests to your ant farm. Polina's ancestors are of different ethnicities: Russians , Chechens , Jews , Ukrainians and Tatars. Or just your garden soil? When you get your ants, to try to get them to be less aggressive while you get your queen, keep them distracted with sugar and water, just make sure not to use too much! She considers herself a cosmopolitan as she has multi-national ancestry.
Send fan mail to authors. What is the small jar in the main jar for? Fill the outside area between both jars, with the sandy-soil. Make Your Own Toys. Make: and Maker Faire are registered trademarks of Maker Media, Inc. Push a few cotton balls soaked in sugar water into the sand using a stick. Hat and Mask Crafts.