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Prism can calculate repeated-measures two-way ANOVA when either one of the factors are repeated or matched (mixed effects) or when both factors are.
[Updated Dec 2004 to correctly deal with repeated measures ANOVA.] After two- way (or other) Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), you often wish to perform post.
you need to run say a 3 - way ANOVA then you will need to use SPSS. .. many software including GraphPad only offer the calculation of the Fisher's exact test. 3 way anova calculator graphpad 12. SPSS - n-way ANOVA

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The term randomized-block describes these kinds of experiments. When do you specify which design applies to this experiment? Prism performs Type I ANOVA, also known as fixed-effect ANOVA. In some situations — for example, assessing the usefulness of a diagnostic test — you may be more interested in the overlap of the distributions than in differences between means. The experiment was done with four animals. The experiment was done with six animals. Data Analysis Resource Center. Don't mix up three way ANOVA with one way ANOVA with three groups. Are there three factors? Applied Linear Statistical Models. The term repeated measures is appropriate when you made repeated measurements from each subject. If these questions match your experimental aims, Prism's built-in post tests will suffice.