Shiur #17: Yeihareig Ve-al Ya'avor and Kiddush Hashem considered a elementary violation of the issur and therefore yehareg ve-al ya'avor would not apply.
But I' ve heard of others now - like a man touching a woman (who is not his wife) b 'derech chiba. 1. illucidated the concept of yehareg v' al ya ' avor (YVLY).
Jewish law, he insisted, that it technically falls under the rubric of “ Yehareg Ve- al Ya'avor ” — one should sooner be killed than violate the law.

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Notify me of new comments via email. This verse is the source of the doctrine that one should not endanger one's life to keep a mitzvah. Yehareg v'al ya'avor — what about after? The Shulchan Aruch is explicit that negiah derech chiba is yehoreg v'al yaavor by Nida which is the issur of Arayos that applies to all non-married, adult, Jewish women. Economics and Social Justice in Jewish Law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
I think the Meiri also brings down such a Shittah. It should be noted that this came up as part of his primary discussion of abortion, which is much more lenient than general murder. No, yehareig means "be killed" not "be murdered. People have a head and can think for themselves. The difference is you are asking MO rabbis. Jesus' Jewish Faith, Hope & Love

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204 BC To understand that Yehareg veal yaavor properly, requires each Torah scholar and halachic authority, in every generation, such as Rav Schachter, to think for themselves, to figure out what God told us, to understand the texts of our tradition in a way that feels true to the person reading. A man touching a woman accidentally is not a problem, but b'derech chiba is a problem. And Rav Moshe specifically paskens that claiming there is no chiba is unjustifiable. As an aside obviously many if not most suicides are the result of mental illness. I was told by my Rav that a prominent, well known Rav who I won't name for obvious reasons shakes hands with a non-Jewish woman once per year. This verse is the source of the doctrine that one should not endanger one's life to keep a mitzvah.
Yehareg veal yaavor Hashem custom-designed this world and our current existence specifically so that we can grow. It's a "no true Scotsman" with the 1.5//1.56 Joseph as the direct conduit to God's. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Both agreed that a prohibition on male-male anal sex, and adultery with a married woman, retained a die-rather-than-transgress Yehareg veal yaavor, and instructed Conservative Jews to continue to observe rabbinic prohibitions on different-sex sexual relations outside of marriage fornicationalthough the liberal responsum also found a variety of traditional rules of modesty Yehareg veal yaavor prohibitions on contact and seclusionto be no longer applicable to Conservative Jews. Because I thought we learn from "v'chai bahem" that to die rather than transgress only applie to those. Although rare, there are instances within Jewish law that mandate a Jew to sacrifice his or her own life rather than violate a religious prohibition. People have a head and can think for themselves.
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