William Halsey Jr.

William F. Halsey was a sailor born and bred. .. Specifically John J. Halsey, Jr. (My uncle) and Sr. There was also a William (Bill) Halsey, and.
The USS Halsey is named in honor of Fleet Admiral William Frederick "Bull" Halsey Jr. William Frederick Halsey, Jr., was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
William F. Halsey, Jr., in full William Frederick Halsey, Jr., byname Bull Halsey (born Oct. 30, Elizabeth, N.J., U.S.—died Aug. 16. William Halsey Jr.
Morning Quarters were normal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I asked : "WHAT ADMIRAL? Halsey's fleet participated in the invasion. While there, Halsey joined the Delta Psi fraternity and was also a member of the secretive Seven Society. Nation Mourns 'bull' Halsey Naval Hero (1959)