alice and mad hatter fanfiction

The Mad Hatter looked at Alice, tilting his head to the side but then grinned, starting to turn "You're awfully late, Alice. You naughty girl.
Also posted on under the same username. Language: English . This, Hatter thought, is the reason he truly is a mad hatter. I do not own Syfy's.
Alice has retured to Underland yet again, and married the Mad Hatter. However, a few years afterwards, Alice is afraid she's losing her muchness yet again. Mad Hatter Alison's only human friend is Terrance the Mad Hatterwho has a crush on Alison but she is afraid once he realizes how crazy she is, he will call her "Looney Alison" as. Alice in Wonderland Movies - Burton. Stretching and filling and wonderful. I've never written this kind of story. The former Queen of Hearts is on the loose and ready to take back the kingdom. The ladies fight back and gain unlikely allies. alice and mad hatter fanfiction