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African rock pythons occur throughout sub-Saharan Africa, although they avoid the driest deserts and the coolest mountain elevations. Two subspecies are.
Because of its exceptional size, and its ugly temperament, the African rock python is not a species that many keepers, especially novices, should choose to.
Python sebaePythons are the largest species of snake in Africa. They live in grasslands and savanna near water and occasionally in forest edges in. Rock Python These snakes are predators on small to moderately large vertebrates. If African rock pythons live near humans, family pets and livestock may be eaten. Oxford African rock python Press, Oxford. Once in range, the python will strike with devastating speed and accuracy, sinking its long curved teeth into the prey's flesh and coiling around it. A fatal attack on a young boy by an African rock python Python sebae. African rock python description. Although it is rare that a python will attack without provocation, there are several reports of rock python attacks on humans.

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Their incredible size means large prey can be tackled such as monkeys , warthogs , antelopes and even crocodiles. A Fragile Balance: The Endangered Barton Springs Salamanders of Texas. The African rock python is one of ten species in the genus Python , large constricting snakes found in the moist tropics of Asia and Africa. Sometimes we just forget about what can happen when you actually have them in captivity—now you're forcing them to be around people. New York: Sterling Publishers. How are species discovered? The African rock python can be found in a number of locations including:. African rock python