aces tattoo denton tx hours

Aces tattoos is Denton's premier Tattoo studio. At Aces Tattoos we provide high quality tattoos at affordable prices and all piercings include high quality jewelry.
We recommend Aces Tattoos, one of the better tattoo shops in Denton. It is very popular and has good reviews. It is also one of the cheaper tattoo shops in the.
Got my Septum and Lobes pierced at Ace's Tattoo in Denton, Tx [–]kaylarue[S] 4 points 10 hours ago * (9 children).
aces tattoo denton tx hours

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Images or videos of modifications in progress needle, scalpel, or dermal punch in flesh. He is such a wonderful human being and piercer. Just bad business, man. Apparently the piercer was full of it? Sign Up Security Check Can't read the text above? Posts that aces tattoo denton tx hours into the following categories are considered NSFW and should be tagged as such:. We offer you a safe, clean facility to perform your body modification. Adria was the piercing artist that did the piercings. And now we have a community of strong and loyal tattoo enthusiasts that will see body art 21 31 arms morris alabama map turtle its evolution at every stage. Will be coming back if in need of any more piercings! This was my second time giving them a second chance after fucking up my leg the first time but they're total idiots NEVER letting my friends come here Man, I tried to give this place another chance but in the span of two years I had two different appointments with two different artists and both times the artist didn't show up and I was never contacted. My second experience was a little better.