[Wikipedia: The. 510 DTC Europ uses the same bullet, but has slightly different case dimensions. The new round has almost identical ballistics.
Патрон. 510 DTC EUROP .50 DTC),крупнокалиберные боеприпасы к стрелковому оружию,крупнокалиберные винтовочные патроны.
510 DTC EUROP, me shooting the EDM model 96.510 DTC windrunner, Serbu (Review / Range Time) -.50 DTC EUROP /.50 BMG Rifle || The Bullet. In MA, we still have an AWB. Notify me of follow-up 736 Naval Air Squadron by email. EDM bought him the tooling, barrels, and .510 DTC EUROP necessary to make the ammunition, so he feels that exclusivity is the honorable thing to. I actually called and asked Lee what spec thay made those sets to and they said they used the JGS reamer spec. Both chamber specs call out a maximum radius at this point, which means that the chamber can have a sharp corner and still be in spec. .510 DTC EUROP

.510 DTC EUROP -

The initialism DTC may refer to:... From around the web. I shot enough factory ammo out of it to learn that I was going to want to hand load down for it….. Both are available in. CGSSA Northern California Chapters. Tracy Rifle and Pistol. Mes armes à feu légales les plus recommandées, les pistolets à poudre noire et les armes à air comprimé.