2/22nd Battalion (Australia)

New Britain by members of “Lark Force” centred on the 2 / 22nd battalion AIF. This is their story, a great Australian story. It is told in the memoirs of its members.
Private - Alan Leslie Hutchins, 2 / 22nd Battalion - D Company. Overwhelming odds soon broke the Australian's defence Alan died on the 31st of.
A.I.F. 2/10 Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps - Under the A.I.F. 2 / 22 Battalion, Australian Infantry - Formed on 17 July 1940 and carried out their. 2/22nd Battalion (Australia)

2/22nd Battalion (Australia) - mgm

He made it and returned in less than two days — travelling day and night, and hardly resting or sleeping the whole time. With no use for the airstrips, both were destroyed and Lark Force withdrew from Rabaul, waiting on the western shores of Blanche Bay for the inevitable Japanese landings. A series of desperate actions followed near the beaches around Simpson Harbour, Keravia Bay and Raluana Point as the Australians attempted to turn back the attack. Kiap's Chronicle: Bill Brown. At the beginning of the war in the Pacific, Rabaul was Australia's frontline, an Australian outpost that was closer to the Japanese military base at Truk than it was to Cairns. Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. The Rabaul Memorial, Bita Paka Cemetery. The battalion's personnel were drawn from the state of Victoriaand included a number of veterans of the World War I. Fighting for a Voice: Phil Fitzpatrick. Indigenous service in Australia's armed forces. Commanded by Captain G. Free Jordan Dean books.