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oThis data sheet is applied for CHIP FERRITE BEAD used for Automotive Electronics equipment for your Series Size) 1000 c Rated Value (p: packaging code). Part Number. Impedance chart according to the operating.
RFI Range 200- 1000 MHz. Category: Frequency Range Comparison Chart Handy Wire Size reference for ferrite bead sizes needed.
The Tyco Electronics multilayer ferrite bead is used as an example. and Figure 2b shows both the actual measurement and simulated result.

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This capacitive point occurs at the frequency where the absolute value of capacitive reactance —X is equivalent to R. This potential peaking creates additional noise in the system that can create unwanted crosstalk. The ferrite bead model can be useful in noise filtering circuit design and analysis. System designers must be fully aware of the effect of dc bias current on bead inductance and effective impedance, as this can be critical in applications that demand high supply current. In this example, the impedance curve from the circuit simulation model closely matches the measured one. Common Mode Noise Filter — Coax. Selecting the right ferrite bead for power applications requires careful consideration not only of the filter bandwidth, but also of the impedance characteristics of the bead with respect to dc bias current. Qmeter test signal Tradbar 1000 ferrite bead sizes chart

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