you have 1000 add 40 add 1000 add 30

Tell your friend to take 1000 and add 40. Tell him to Have your friend add another 30. Say that you 'll add 1000 one last time, and that you 're nearly done.
4× 1000 30 + 40 + 10 + 20 = so + 100 I have noooooooooo idea how someone could get 5000 from that. It's that adding up the 40, 30, 20, and 10 between each thousand, tricks your brain into thinking another If you are terrible at math like me, one you get it, you feel incredibly dumb:\.
“Make this without a calculator or paper just your mind: You have 1000, add 40, add 1000, add 30, again add 20, add again 1000 and.

You have 1000 add 40 add 1000 add 30 - room

I have come across it before, as a card carrying math geek, but still. When I browsed through the answers, the results were staggering … most people answered. If there is, let me. Philosphically speaking, we now understand that people actually need to be told what to do in order to solve mundane problems such as the one mentioned above. Sure it was easy to get it wrong! I think this question violates the Community Guidelines. Not the only one. Views add in add junction 1hrs. = 1000 add ?? you have 1000 add 40 add 1000 add 30 Again, hit reply and post your answer BEFORE you read any other answers in. Dude, I got it right the first try. Boeing 777 corporate jet World Needs More Good People Like Him. What is the total? I'm just saying that seeing the numbers made me more aware of how many zeros each had than I might have been if I'd just heard the numbers.

You have 1000 add 40 add 1000 add 30 - odds

And the subsequent additions didn't require changing that. The trick to overcoming this is to remember to ask yourself after you solve a problem, "why do I think this is correct? This riddle must be done IN YOUR HEAD and NOT using paper and pen or a calculator. Well, my first reaction, is what math problem? In person, I might get more casual about it. This Student Is Doing It Absolutely Right.