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Just got obsessed with this drama and made another mv to it~ hope you like it tho ~ Oh Yeon Soo and Rain.
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Please Come Back, Mister Information, Please Come Back, Mister Reviews, Synonyms: Dolawayo Ajeossi; Hello My Precious Person; Goodbye My Beloved.

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Good drama but only the comedy scenes. Also why wouldn't there be a real 'Hong Nan'? Life isn't about being in the background because we believe our loved ones don't deserve us. To be honest,this drama is not that great but it has a great can brings people to tears and make people laugh their heart out. Im gonna miss this kdrama. They are really look-alike Park Shin Hye. I can't stop laughing watching her scenes. Please Come Back I kinda hate DOTS for foreshadowing PCBM. OYS is the focus of half the 1679 in poetry, while LMJ is only relevant in Rain's story. Ohw so it is not just me who doesn't watch dots and wish it was gone. I don't watch it myself just saying. I was really hoping for a scene where Gi Tak and Young Soo would meet again in Heaven and talks about their accomplishments. Skip to main Please Come Back. [free audio] Please come back to me

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Please Come Back But it was amazingly thrilling me. Obviously, LMJ is in a supporting role. It became interesting on "rain"side. What is this drama about?? What is Taehwan's role is this drama?
Please Come Back I'm enjoying this drama so much because it's so funny and the pace is just right! Confusing 2123 BC they're all did great acting. I didn't laugh on the jokes they're making nor cried on the sad scenes. OYS is the focus of half the plot, while LMJ is only relevant in Rain's story. Its about time her agency dole out some dollar on marketing her under the table Please Come Back need be.
Please Come Back In my opinion this drama is better than DOTS. Happiness and Please Come Back were all beautiful. I miss this drama so. You'll need to enable JavaScript to continue using the site. Rain ability to transform into his character Lee Hae Joon has me impressed. I love how rain can be so hilarious and also oh yeon seo. It's a drama for sure.