I recently bought a 1978 Loadstar 1600 with a 345 V-8. The only times my Loadstar 1600 with 304 has done this I fixed the This is because the spark is not as powerful. . If so you should check the air gap on the distributor. I would pull the plugs first, get a good read on what the engine is doing.
Spark plug replacement. Check and replace spark plug wires as required. .. Loadstar Loadstar, L-star bus, Loadstar, Firetruck, 13-, 3500 12-, .. MAKE CID CYL 1 Ford 300 L6 2 I-H 392 V8 3 Chev 350 V8 4 I-H 304 V8 5 . Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Torque (in Ibs.) Max, Engine Torque (? RPM Max.
8 In Head. 3 7/8 x 3. 304. 40- 50. 1970 232 6 In Head. 3 3/4 x 3. 1/2. 232. 215@ 1600. 32. 3 Engine. Model. Firing. Order. Spark Plug. Type. Gap. (inch). Ignition Timing. Timing. Mark. Missing: loadstar.

Ih loadstar 1600 304 engine spark plugs and gap of a 50 - queens

IH PARTS AMERICA -. Separate names with a comma. Send a private message to Robert Kenney. Could be a carb loading up like suggested, I think there isn't too much more to be said except that low fuel pressure can run you on the lean side, make sure it corresponds with the specs. Register FAQ Members List Today's Posts Search.