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In honor of the battery - and Check Your Batteries Day - we wanted to shine some light on just how far the battery has come. 10 fun facts about batteries.
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17 Awesome Facts About Batteries to Celebrate National Battery Day. Image has not Sign up for your daily dose of funny, weird, amazing, cute and awesome. fun facts about batteries for kids FUN HAIR FACTS FOR KIDS

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QUIZ: Do You Know Crayon Colors? Rechargeable batteries reduce the number of one-use batteries that we use, but rechargeable batteries still use harmful materials. Due to a chemical reaction within the battery the anode builds up an excess of electrons. The most common type of battery found in your home is the alkaline battery, which is made of zinc Zn and manganese Mn. Watch this video to learn about that battery that powers your remote controlled car, the TV remote or even your PSP.