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The Top 10 Offensive Players In The NBA Today. #Chris Paul So, who are the most productive offensive players in the game right now? Let's take a look.
People often use terms like top - 10 or top -five to describe great players. But who's really in the top 10 in the NBA right now?.
Washington Post national NBA writer Tim Bontemps surveyed the NBA and ranked his top 100 players according to their overall talent level. best 10 players in the nba right now

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His positional shift last season in Miami worked to extend his career. Hill's natural inclination is to complement—effectively deferring to his playmaking teammates by helping to establish the spacing they need to thrive. Three forwards have done the same: Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki. It was a terrific deal for the Pistons, though, and one that will pay off for them the next few seasons as he grows with the rest of their young core. Teams In Your Area. Top 10 Best NBA Players for 2016-17 Season

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Still, put him on any team in the league and the playoffs -- and in most cases, contender status -- are guaranteed. Being a legitimate two-way player was very important to deciding the order and players included here. Going out on a limb and making bold predictions. There are times when Gasol has to be goaded into pressing as a scorer—restraint is his default setting—but better that then a less capable player who insists on doing too much. The circumstances are never quite right for the Pelicans to take off, though their baseline is always raised by having a skilled big of such extraordinary influence.
Still, it feels like if Cleveland makes a move to try to match the Warriors this season, it will be Love — who remains an odd fit — that is the main bargaining chip. By Tim BontempsJose Soto and Lazaro Gamio. Millsap continued his remarkable improvement with the Hawks last season, again looking like one of the best forwards in the entire league. LaMarcus Aldridge PF San Antonio Spurs His numbers are down, but Aldridge remains one of the league's best. Under the best of circumstances, Anderson can still tug at the defense and clear out the lane for his teammates.