aces and eights tna debut

From Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast - The Aces and Eights annihilate the TNA Wrestling roster.
The Aces & Eights were a heel stable in TNA. The Aces & Elghts made their debut on the June 14, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling when three masked.
These are all the members of aces and eights. They are in order of when they where unmasked/Joined Aces.

Aces and eights tna debut - party bonus

The Aces and Eights won the match thanks to interference from two members of the stable. Kotaro Suzuki, Atsushi Aoki, Taiji Ishimori, Go Shiozaki. Jimmy Jacobs, Brodie Lee, Delirious, MsChif, Allison Wonderland, Joey Matthews, Lacey, Leva Bates, Necro Butcher, Tyler Black, Rain, Zach Gowen. Visible are from left to right Mr. Superstar Of The Week. The other members of Aces and Eights were revealed over the next few weeks. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Takao Omori, Kazuhiro Tamura, Daichi Kazato, Isami Kodaka, Yuko Miyamoto. For the poker hand, see Dead man's hand. Mentallo, Moses Luke, Robby Royce, Sabretooth, TJ Bratt. In the main event, Devon, D. He was signed to WWE early, but then went independent before landing with TNA. aces and eights tna debut