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An earthquake near a Neolithic culture at Sotira in Cyprus destroys much of the local 3750 BC – origins of Proto-Semitic language; 3760 BC – first year of the Hebrew calendar; 3700 BC – Oldest known door in Europe (Zurich, Switzerland)   Centuries ‎: ‎ 39th century BC ‎; 38th century BC; 3.
Watch the rise of human cities, beginning with [arguably] the world's first city in 3700 BC and continuing up to the present. Use the controls at.
Here, we developed the first spatially explicit dataset of urban settlements from 3700 BC to AD by digitizing, transcribing, and geocoding.
The Atlantic Daily: The Memo and the Media. And probably all the other comments complaining! Interesting how North and South American tribes coalesced into cities independently. Your comment was not deleted. May be because Buddha is a Historical Figure, and Jesus is a Mythological figure. However, due to the long timescale and global 3700 BC of the data, there were changes in city names over time, as well as numerous similar city names across space. Libraries and museums team up for bold political statement: Facts are real.

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380 BC This differs from a scanner, which converts print media to a picture that cannot be readily manipulated. Hello — thanks for the response! If 3700 BC did not match in all three cases, we referred back to the original documents for assessment and amendment. Source code for: Combining Datasets. We have harmonized the datasets and spatialized the data by providing latitude 10% of 1200 longitude values for each settlement location.
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We established an accuracy ranking system for the entire dataset to test for consistency. First, GeoNames does not provide coordinates for ancient locations or cities which have changed name over time. Despite all these systems and precautions however, geocoding errors will still remain. When possible, population estimates were cross-checked by multiple demographic factors. Ultimately, we view this dataset as a beginning compilation of a richer historical, global, city-level population database.

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Finally, we would like to remind users of the dataset that measuring population growth and population aggregates are only one component of the urbanization process. Knowing there was a city or at least several villages is not enough to be able to name a specific city, along with a corresponding population and geographic location. They are difficult to find and even more difficult to get decent information on! However, suburb, or peri-urban, growth has been documented prior to this point in history. However, due to the long timescale and global coverage of the data, there were changes in city names over time, as well as numerous similar city names across space. As a result, the dataset could be used as a foundation to build a richer record of urban population values through history, creating systematic, global population data to measure urban growth at a long timescale. I would only ask that you review your data from Latin America. 3700 BC