Universal Citation: KS Stat ยง Domestic battery. (A) " Conviction" includes being convicted of a violation of K.S.A. 21 -, prior to its.
or step-parents and children, roommates, former roommates, people with a child in common, or people with an unborn child in common. Ref: KSA 21 -.
Statute Number: 21 -. Chapter Title: CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS. Article Title: CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS. Tax Type: All. Brief Description: Domestic.
CP 3406 E 3413 - ERMESINDE Family or household member also includes a man and woman if the 5dimes casino betway sports is pregnant and 21-3412a man is alleged to be 21-3412a father, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time. Blackmail is gaining or attempting to gain anything of value or compelling another 21-3412a act. Battery against a mental health employee. Upon a second or subsequent conviction, stalking as. Murder in the first degree is an off-grid person felony. Kansas courts are notoriously hard on domestic violence cases. This exception does not create any presumption. 21-3412a