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If any one single battle of Ireland's Nine Years War was pivotal in nature, it is the Battle of Kinsale.
The Battle of Kinsale is one of Ireland's most famous battles and begun in September 1601 when a large Spanish fleet landed at the harbour of Kinsale.
Myles' father was one of the early Norman adventures who came to Ireland.Back in 1601 Kinsale looked very different to how it looks today. Sun, Feb 19. RTÉ News 1601 King Phillip was more than keen to help the Irish for two main reasons. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. In his defence 1601 in Ireland the subsequent inquiry in Spain he put forward three causes for the Spanish failure in Ireland. The Spanish captain, Don Juan del Aguila, quickly gave up hope and nine days later surrendered to Mountjoy. Sixteenth-century casualty figures, like muster lists, are notoriously inaccurate and those reported at Kinsale are no exception. Low Countries and Germany. Site of the Battle of Kinsale. 1601 in Ireland

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He locked up the Spaniards in Kinsale, seized the forts around the harbour and sealed off the haven. In order to bring aid to the Spanish troops they would have to lead their troops into regions where support for their cause was most doubtful. Lord Mountjoy's forces were incapable of surrounding the town of Kinsale and its surrounding area now called Belgooly , but they did seize some higher ground and subjected the Spanish forces to constant artillery fire. The besieged Spanish garrison began to suffer privation and O'Neill was forced to go to their aid. He sent the horse forward with Wingfield supported by two regiments of foot under Sir Henry Folliott and Sir Oliver St John and to join up with those of Sir Henry Power. Readers' comments on this essay and related links.

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To their credit, the forces under O'Neill. The English navy under Admiral Richard Leveson arrived with a squadron of ten ships and cut off the town from the sea. They were soon surrounded. In a further English charge the Irish cavalry ranks broke and fell in upon their own infantry. Upload to this page. Click Here to go to the Personal Histories page. It also showed up the English cavalry techniques using the lance, as compared with the Irish method of no stirrup and overhead spear throwing.