13th Aviation Regiment (United States)

Address ┬ĚLocated in United States. A Co AVN REGT Posts about A Co AVN REGT Thantasia Karin Moore with John Moore and Lolanda Moore at A Co AVN REGT. .. Bravo Company 2- 13th Aviation Regiment.
In this Fort Report, command of the 2- 13th Aviation Regiment changes at a traditional ceremony on Fort.
The 2- 13th Aviation Regiment operates the largest UAS training center in the the U.S. Army Intelligence Center to the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. 13th Aviation Regiment (United States)

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Army Substance Abuse Program. The ETOS could simulate almost every aircraft in the US military inventory and civilian commercial aircraft. The Headquarters and Headquarters Company provides command and control, administrative, training, logistics, and military justice support for all Staff, AOTC, MTC, and CSTB personnel. Its Commanding General is Major General Michael D. B Company conducts Shadow and Hunter UAS Operator training. D Company serves as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company providing personnel, logistics, information technology, flight line maintenance and emergency medical support to the battalion. Capability Development and Integration Directorate. Popular Videos - Regiment & United States Army