what are the 7 oceans names for kids

Enjoy a range of interesting facts about the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans as well as information relating to marine life, historical events.
Elementary. Oceans, Oceans, Oceans, Oceans, Cover most of Earth, Cover most of Earth. Oceans give us.
While there are technically only five oceans in the world, the term " seven seas " was coined in ancient literature and divided the oceans into the Arctic, North. Structure of a Seed. Retrieved from " raccontidiviaggi.info? Space missions to Mars. Help us — tell your friends and socially spread the word! The Southern Ocean lies at the South Pole, but has no continental boundaries. In medieval European literaturethe Seven Seas referred to the following seas: [ citation needed ] During the Renaissance a moderately standardized iconography of the four continents and the corresponding four rivers of the world was created.